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Wanted: Jgov [Interview]

There’s a common misconception in the minds of most rap fans that white guys can’t rap. While it may be true that some only get by with their catchy hooks or the occasional clever one liner, Jgov definitely bring his A-game to every single song he makes.  While the seventeen year-old rapper has only released a few songs, you can see that this kid will go far. AirMaxMusic got the chance to catch up with Joey Governale and talk about his music career.

AirMaxMusic: Jgov, tell us about yourself? What made you want to pursue a career in rapping?
Jgov: I was always involved with music since I was young. My dad has his own DJ company and is a retired music teacher which influenced me, and it wasn’t until the beginning of junior year where I actually began to start engineering music and later taking the path of making tracks.

AirMaxMusic: What influence has your hometown, Mount Sinai, had on your life and music?
Jgov:For the most part everyone supports me my friends, family, and teachers. Theres always going to be people who try to bad talk everyone and I just let the haters motivate me to go that extra mile!

AirMaxMusic: Who inspired you to start rapping? What artists have influenced your work?
Jgov: Definitely one of my biggest influences is someone who grew up in the same area as me, got to give it up for my man Hoodie Allen doing his thing. To be honest I listen to all of the up and coming artists right now on the grind more than most of the rappers who have already made it.

AirMaxMusic: You’re only 17 and a senior in high school, so obviously the sky is the limit at this point. As you apply out and start to hear back from schools, do you want to study music or even continue making it once you get to college?
Jgov: Yeah I currently am studying music through a program my school has to offer and continue my studies further when I finally start college. Definitely never going to stop at the point where I am making music have to grind till you make it, if you have a dream chase it !

AirMaxMusic: Have you done any live shows?
Jgov: Yeah, I’ve preformed a few time but I’m currently trying to book some more shows and open for some bigger artists !

AirMaxMusic: Describe your dream girl.
Jgov: Hmmm that one gorgeous girl that everyone wants but she never gives it up ! Makes me put in work but at the same time is down for whatever.

AirMaxMusic: You’ve created a huge buzz and fanbase for yourself without even releasing a mixtape, when can we expect one to drop and what future projects should we be on the look out for?
Jgov: Currently am in the works of a mixtape ! 2 or 3 music videos on deck ! Follow me on twitter or facebook and I’ll always have new updates about my music and projects I’m working on ! The past month has been a grind for me all of the tracks on my mixtape really show my progression since the first two music videos I’ve dropped ! Look out for thekidjoeyg Jgov #hitsondeck !

AirMaxMusic: Our website is called http://www.airmaxmusic.com. Are you a sneakerhead and would we ever catch you wearing a pair of Maxes?
Jgov: Biggest sneakerhead around ! I actually had to sell some of my sneakers to pay for music ! As a matter of fact I’m wearing airmaxes right now ! Air Max 90 Hufquakes #SWAG

Here you have it, not only is Jgov one of the most chill kids on the planet, he also makes killer music. Stay tuned to the site for we will be posting Jgov’s new music video, which is expected to drop soon. We truly believe that Jgov can be one of the next big names in the rap and you’ll definitely want to remember this dude! The download links for his songs are posted below.

Download: Jgov – Wanted
Download: Jgov – A Drop In The Ocean
Download: Jgov – Throw It Up
Download: Jgov – Hey Hey

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