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The Doppelgangaz [Interview]

The Doppelgangaz are one of the most interesting and talent underground groups out there right now. The tandem of Matter Ov Fact & EP bring a fresh vibe to the hip-hop world with their music and their videos. Their most recent album, Lone Sharks includes 15 amazing tracks, is only 10 dollars and is definitely something music fans should add to their collection. “From parts unknown dwell the ghastly duo. Matter ov Fact & EP are noted to be the last two descendants of the Rap Lords, summoned to the earth for purposes of wreaking havoc.” Check out our interview with the very talent duo.

Air Max: How did you guys meet, and what does each of you bring to the table?

Matter ov Fact: I met E back in the day kehd. We were probably like 6 or 7. This is a good man we’re talking about for real. Any man would be lucky to have their daughter perform sexual acts on E. As far as the music goes, I bring a taller point of view to the table because a lot of people can’t relate to E’s short stature.

AM: Talk about “the parts unknown” let us know what that’s all about

EP: Parts Unknown is the area of New York that has yet to be explored. It’s like a barbaric world out here. There’s no culture, places to gather or anything. We’re just fending for ourselves out here trying to put this region on the map, living like neanderthals out here.

*Personally this is my favorite song I have heard from them

AM: EP, Tell us something embarrassing about Matter Ov Fact and vice versa.

EP: You don’t want me to take it there. I’m about to go in!! Nah, I don’t have anything embarrassing about him that I probably can’t say about myself, such as us being the jokes of most brothels for crying after the deed. I guess we both just get emotional about it. The women there seem to find it hilarious for whatever reason.

Matter ov Fact: Let’s see, this guy E used to have straight backs back in the day, and he had some serious hangtime. Some pictures are floating around the net.

AM: Favorite meal?

EP: Not sure if I have a favorite because I love food in general, but I do go through serious sushi binges. However, it gets really hard to find some good raw fish after you’ve experienced some top quality so I’m always on the hunt. Ya feel meh?

Matter ov Fact: Food is beautiful, hence my lowercase b body shape. Too much good stuff to have a favorite but I’m known to scarf down some ackee and saltfish kehd.

AM: When you make new music, what is the process you guys go through?

EP: Well, when we’re immersed in a project, I’m really not too sure how it goes because it all seems like a blur. When we’re in that zone, it’s like you don’t know what’s going on plus all the designer drugs, 91% rubbing alcohol and wenches don’t help with the memory either. It’s definitely a result of feeling and inspiration. We can’t jus sit down randomly and force music. We’ve never been the type to be like “just throw on a beat” and write whatever. There’s a rhyme and reason, pun intended, to why certain beats are selected and why specific lyrics are designed for that particular beat.

AM: Dream collab artist?

EP: I wouldn’t say we sit around and have grandiose dreams about collaborating with a particular artist, but combining forces with DOOM would be interesting. Other than that, I like keeping it Dopp Gang only.

AM: What would your dream jobs be, outside of music?

EP: I’d love to have a job like Anthony Bourdain. Traveling and eating? What? That’d be me all day. I also want to do charitable work and really give back.

Matter ov Fact: It would be dope to review gadgets and have companies send their latest shet.

Check out their website to download all of their music
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