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AirMaxMusic Midterm Mixtape

As promised, here’s our playlist of songs that we think can help you get through studying for those stressful midterms. We compressed a 16 track mixtape full of tracks that we think will motivate you to hit those books. You may have many of these songs already (especially if you’ve been following up daily on the site), but we think when you combine them together you achieve 51 minutes of excellence. The playlist is certainty worth a download with featured songs including Take Me Back and California Love. The complete tracklist is:

1. #WhiteGirlProblems – Hoodie Allen
2. Unbelievers – The Dean’s List
3. Lost In Translation – G-Eazy
4. California Love – Tayyib Ali
5. Shangri-La – Skizzy Mars
6. The Dream – Logic
7. Chaka Shao Khan – XV
8. Sorry – The Five One
9. Take Me Back – OCD: Moosh and Twist
10. I Gotta Go – Leon Marin
11. Pieces – Uno Hype
12. Still A Kid At Heart – VIBE
13. Celebrate – Common
14. Tommy Bundy – OCD: Moosh and Twist
15. Kardashian – The Dean’s List
16. My Thing – Chyron

Download: AirMaxMusic Midterm Mixtape

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