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Kris Kasanova- [Interview]

Kris Kasanova is an up and coming emcee from Brooklyn and has the necessary talent to separate himself from others in his area and around the country. Kris’s mixtapes The Long Way Home and =War Paint= have steadily gained respect inside the game itself. DMV artist Phil Ade is even featured on one of Kris’s songs, Disappointed. Check out our exclusive interview with Kris and find out what is on the mind of with this talented rapper. Included in the post are some of our favorite Kris Kasanova tracks along with download links to his mixtapes. While your at it show some love and follow this man on Twitter.

1. How has your hometown influenced your music?
Being from Red Hook Brooklyn has deeply influenced the sound of my music. Brooklyn just gives me this competitive edge that won’t allow me to half ass my work. I truthfully wanna be the best and be mentioned with the Brooklynites like Biggie, Kane & Jay. Being from here motivates me to set the bar for the generations to come after me. Being a storyteller…Red Hook has provided me with alot of wild stories to tell.

2. Favorite line in any song? favorite line of your own?
I really don’t have a favorite line from a song. There’s too many dope verses that I’m attached to to just choose one. The realist line from me that I can think of is “My Moms still crying on me…cant sleep when she’s still relying on me”. That was from my last song on =WARPAINT= titled Sleep When Im Dead. Growing up my moms cried on me alot and that was the only song I really spoke about it on.

3. Your going out, what kinda clothes can we expect you to rock?
When I go out you’ll most likely see me in Black Apple jeans, =WARPAINT= tee, a pullover from West 147, Black Apple varsity jacket with two =WARPAINT= pins on my left side, some Nike’s from Flight Club & any NY sports team fitted.

Break Up

Download-The Long Way Home

4. What inspires you to keep making music?
What inspires me to keep making music is my son. I took my career serious when he was born. Some families plant trees when their having a baby so the tree grows as the child does. I feel like the bigger he gets the bigger my career should get as well. My fans keep me motivated as well. In this little bit of time…I’ve heard about people placing me in their top ten favorite artist list and I’ve even had people reciting my lyrics back to me. Its mind blowing to see how I connect with my audience. I wanna do that for the rest of my life.

5. Did you have a specific moment, where you were like “shit im good at this rapping stuff”? if so tell us about it.
I use to recite lines to my step pops just to see what he thought. At the time he was working on his own music. I spit a 16 and he asked me to kick it again when I did he told me he was stealing 2 bars. That’s when I knew I had it. His approval on my verses meant alot to me and still does.

6. How was working with Phil Ade? How did you guys meet up?
I had just dropped the =Just Anotha Day= video…i got a tweet from Phil saying “This Kris Kasanova joint is crazy”. I told em I appreciated the love and he said he’s been fucking with my music since ’04. That shit meant alot to me because I was a fan of his for a while as well. I said we should work and now that’s family!!

Just Anotha Day

Download- =War Paint=

7. If you had to create your dream group(like young money) what artists would you add?
If I had to make a super group id make it with…Phil Ade, Jarv Dee, Stevie Crooks, & My my brother Clyde. All of em goes beyond music with.

8. When can we expect any new music?
Living in a time where people are giving out as much music as possible just to stay relevant….I feel like I’ll do the opposite. I put alot of work, time, and effort into creating music and i don’t want to rush anything. =WARPAINT= has 14 amazing tracks on it so I’ll drop as much visuals as I possibly can for my fans. I am working on new music right now…just unsure when I’ll release it…

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