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Luke Christopher – Building Skies [Mixtape]

After first bursting on to the scene with epic song “Social Network”, Luke Chris’s debut mixtape Building Skies is finally here to start the new year. After hearing “Social Network” and “Rooftops (feat. Asher Roth), It quickly became clear that the sky is the limit for the young Los Angeles rapper. In his Building Skies Trailer,  Luke outlines his mindset for the mixtape and rapping in general. Still in High School, he says that he found himself rapping about cars when he doesn’t even have his license, so he decided to change it up and spit about real life and who he was, because that’s what fans really want to hear. Whether he’s right or not (I think he is), his heavily awaited first release is sure to quickly become popular with hits such as aforementioned “Social Network” and “Celebrate”. Luke Chris has only been building hype for Building Skies with his weekly Marvelous Monday releases, which have included such gems as  “Letter to Myself”, “That Tree In My Front Yard”, and “Pocket Full of Dimes”. Building Skies is a must-download and a fantastic way to start off 2012 (and will definitely be in contention for best mixtape of the year!). Check back later for a review.

Download: Luke Christopher – Building Skies [Mixtape]

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